What is the shipping cost?

Online shop "Maraqli.Biz", which places great importance on customer satisfaction, offers its customer a number of after-sales services. One of them is DELIVERY SERVICE. Delivery is a service that completes the customer acquisition process. This service in our online store can be free or paid depending on the distance.

Delivery costs:

- Delivery to subway and subway areas in Baku is free of charge;

- In other non-subway areas, delivery (Baku and Absheron) varies between 3-5 AZN.

- The cost of delivery to the regions is carried out by post.

Delivery takes place the day after the order is confirmed.

Is it possible to deliver non-business days (Saturday or Sunday)?

Delivery is available Saturday. And since Sunday is a non-working day, the courier service doesn't work.

How can you find out where your order is after it has been delivered?

Prior to delivery, an online store customer service contacts the customer to confirm the final order and delivery address.

Our delivery officer calls the customer to clarify the address 30 minutes before arrival. Before the customer arrives, he can track where his order is if he is ready to receive the calls.

Can I change the delivery date and address?

This is possible. However, when the customer does so, he / she should call the customer service representative of the online store in advance and notify the Internet shop about the change.

What should the customer pay attention to when ordering and delivering orders?

- If you have any questions you should contact the online store customer service representative, not your driver.

ATTENTION !!! Canceling your order

If the customer confirms the order but does not answer the phone call for any reason before the delivery (the phone is turned off, outside the network service, etc.), there is no one in the delivery address (no answer is answered by the door) or the address given by the customer is incorrect. house, street, etc.):

1. The driver-driver will wait for the customer at the address mentioned within 15 minutes.

2. The customer service representative of the Internet-shop will make a call to the customer.

3. If the customer's phone does not respond to calls within 15 minutes, an online store will be instructed to leave the delivery address to the driver.

4. Customer's order will be canceled as a result.